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The @C: ComComism LTD - Its structure & its Blog for the comcomism Howto

Welcome - you and your organization. You can more impact your organization, when you are organized as equal and free owners, you then act better for your common interests (goals, causes and/or threats) and in short, this is all what the comcomism is about!!!

This is for you if you are individual or organization interesting to be investor, being either a p-holder or a c-holder in either the @C or its descendants (but not in both due to the 1st and 2nd points in the agreement ).
The @C holds the unique position of being the one proving certifications in issues related to comcomism and is also a player initiating the IsWith-Platform as one of its holders.

here are the 2 generations structure used in the platform.
type of company 1st type investors 2nd type investors
1st generation, private- the @C establisher of service in the platform comcom of which d=1 and 20<=c<=100
2nd: daughter, 55-comcom1 of users of services @C and/or other partners members of a specific group (assumed to be users of the services.
2rd: daughter, 55-comcom of providers of services @C, other partners and/or portion for bounces e.g. for developers users of the services
Each of the daughters of @C of the users of services , such as @C-a, @C-b, @C-c etc, is a 55-comcom of which p-holder is the @C and of which c-holders are members in a specific group in assumed to organized in a kind of of a social networking, where its members are users of the services provided in the Platform.

Another 55-comcom (the "services providers") is a provider of a specific service in the platform, which is licensed to be given in the platform only for a limited period of time.
Getting organized & Re-organized for @I@, @M@, @W@, @GO and @OM, while already you can Earn from your way to communicate the ComComism!
Category Registration and explanation Welcome page and table
@I@: Invest here here
@M@: ComComized mailing list here here
@OM: comcom-community here here
@W@: Workshops here here
@GO: GovComCom here here
Cry cry stop cry and then try organize as equal and free owners!!!

All the ComComIsm in only 17 points is establish-able in one personal agreement and

In small groups and with any amount, you now can invest in the company comcomism LTD while comcomizing your own organization.
Equal and free owners. Have me in? Y, but only when i have my way out!

You can now invest in ComComism LTD or its daughters, while getting your organization being comcomized and so you would do if you could see that an alternative to the structuring we use in our organizations is absolutely required.

The immediate target market of the @C is of small business, volunteering (including web.2 and open source or such) bodies and bodies depended on donation.

This market is excepted to expand as the economy is deteriorated
and so we also expect communities being organized as equal owners for buying their own land, see here how.

We need investors, for establishing the workshops by @W, so that per each area we could be having more initiators attendees and organizers which are more involved in comcomizied projects!

We expect that the more @W is established with more projects being comcomized, the more the market of @M is to be expanded!!
Identity T, total projected value $D$ c-holder's function
or other offerings
In $T*D=$$V*C$ the Bigger is the?
@C, is the ComComIsm ltd
(check N.07172949 on wck2
.gov.uk2), currently being the only holder of both daughter the @W and the @M and of iswith project
T(@C)=4M V$/V€/V£ $/€/£ $0.00$ no c-holders yet, but could be when comcomized on $d=0.8$ and on max $c=4$, until then offering 20% of itself for p-holding to $N$ comcom organizations,
where $1<=n<=N$,$d(comcom(n))=1$,
is the C of the comcom(n) when investing in @C,
H(n) is the percentage of @C held by each $comcom(n)$,
@W, held by @C for workshops-comcomism ? $0.80$ located-bodies V
@M, held by @C for comcomized-messaging-services ? $0.55$ list's owners C

The @W company should care for organizing and facilitating all workshops, located-bodies, localizations, marketing etc, online and on-ground. The @W is one global comcom of which d=0.8 and each of which c-holders must also be one located body (it means that only proved located bodies could apply for being c-holders on the price of the market in that time, and that being approved under the authority of the c-holders when c is increased). it ( @W) also set the standards for certification of the initiators able or not able to certificates other initiators.

This gives 20% to p-holder position in the @W d=.80, of which c-holders must also be located bodies, and
another 20%-45% to p-holder position in the @M d=.55, of which c-holders must also be its clients, where
max 25% of p-holding are reserved for its developers when required (that part can be held by one or more other comcomized units of which d might be 1 or so), and where
the @C is sitting in the p-holding positions, ready for negotiations with investors but only up to max 20% of @C , where the rest of @C , i.e. its 80% are reserved for the time it would becoming a comcom of which d =0.8 ( and so e, then will sit as its c-holder where its c =2-4).
Here are the 10 type of services provided by such grand-daughters, the first 10 comcomized services by 3rd-parties in the IsWith-Platform, which we request at this point:
1) Internet+mobile platform for secure mailing-list+direct-messages+multi-languish+social-networking, dedicated for services from individuals from/to their groups from/to their projects from/to their comcom.
2) law consultancy and representation including company registrations etc..
3) publishers and marketing including designing and executing campaign etc…
4) providers of solutions involving location and shipping (e..g. providing storage services and shipping the products from it and/or simply an office etc)
5) stock market for comcoms also related to normal (and private) stock market (for the p-holders alone) and also of the comcom market for the c-holders (only in this platform) and also as part of all services above.
6) builder services assisting mainly integration for artists, developers, researchers or activists in their projects and comcoms
7) artists assistance services
8) developers assistance services
9) researchers assistance services
10) activists assistance services.

See More about ComComism here and also see the personal agreement to make it.
The ComComism was NOT used to support Barak Obama .....

see the-flyers

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