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The ComComIsm is a useful way to have us having equal power while still being free (even) in the commercial sense of our daily living, whether we are represented by, representing the or actually being the owners. By using this personal agreement, we are keeping equality for any number of us and doing so while INVESTING IN instead of DONATING FOR our buildings in our communities. Hence by comcmoizing our communities we are able even to give our buildings as heritage to our children.

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The circle-way-people could create the circle-way-comcom

Try ComCom-Community because this way we now can be equal owners/investors when and for buying our lands.

Please help now if you can

We, the circle-way-people could create a comcom (circle-way-comcom), in which we are the c-holders, but only after we made the fundamental decision for how much is the "d"1 of that comcom . Here is as an example: We could create 2 ComCom: The ComComX (of which d=1 as it is defined here) and the ComComY of which d<1, where ComComX is a p-holder or a c-holder in ComComY2.

For our comcom to be the owner of the proprieties A,B,C etc, we could, but only as d<1, offer holding as p-holders in our comcom also to the proprieties' owners a,b,c etc3 and we could be doing so proportionally to the value of the property they are to put in our comcom and in consideration to the value we (as c-holders) would put in it and all that in the boundaries of the "d" we already set for our comcom.
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