For Activists: the case of the 13 milions activsts being ignored in/by the
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how to ComComize your cause

With your comments

Learn the lesson of obama, as for "why any authentic grassroots movement must be comcomized", so that non of its members could ever takeover the whole movement against its own root!!!

Comcom For Activists Or An Open Letter To Mitch Stewart
Activists be the owners of your organizations! No joke, we only have this choice.


Take the "obama movement" as a showcase1 for a successful volunteering and donation project,

  • which after being accomplished successfully is proven going against the interest of its activists (e.g. war making + making richer the bankers), just because the project could be taken over by one of the activists, which was the leader (i.e. obama the person).

Such a case could never happen if the activists where the owners of the mailing lists, i.e. when the project is comcomized

  • and such taking-over is ALWAYS a case which when is successful can happened in our world, and so unless being comcomized we, as collective of activists sharing some common interest, are becoming less and less trustful.

Help us in this reverse structuring from ofa2 or help build grassroots environment, which could never turn upside (to be top-down)3.

We, who made obama to sit in the office, must be reorganized!!
Only, this time, such that never again any one of us could transform our organization into a top down organization such as in the case of ofa. This is THE PROBLEM for any grassroots movement, because..

Any grassroots project must have a well defined aim, which when achieved4 is only one among many steps together constituting a grassroots movement. In such a process the organization must be flexible to allow some of its parts to exit itself and some new parts to enter itself, so that the organization could become a grassroots movement able to well response to yet unknown situations. The ComComism can solve exactly this problem, after agreeing upon this, since it also lets its members to exit with a positive value of their share.

The obama's grassroots movement is in a problem which could be helped by ComComizing5 the (mailing lists of the ) movement.

Yes Again We Can Be Reorganized!!!

Equal and free owners. Have me in? Y, but only when i have my way out!

try this
Please sign here the Petition for stopping the war by restructuring ofa into a comcomized mailing list.

On 2009-01-17: Obama Announces "Organizing for America"

The 2009-01-17 was the last day of the bottom-top movement, just because by only that top-bottom Announcement by the obama head and still without any other bottom-top activity, the dictions of complete transformation, of the name, the ownership, the agenda and the manager of the movement and its properties was made.

This could never happened

if the mailing lists of the

movement were comcomized!!!

Mitch6 (…and whom it may concern),
  • What if the domain name ( with its mailing list of 13 million members was owned by those members who donated for the campaign for obama's presidency and then would you still believe that the transformation to the Organizing_for_America project7 could be made possible just by a call of obama8?

Hi, we believe that Any grassroots movement can only be such of which assets are owned mainly or completely by its activists!!! This open letter is both: a Criticism9 and a call or suggestion to allow the members in the mailing list running upon a specific domain-name to own (as c-holders) the domain and the list (see also ComCom-Social). We do consider such a move as an essential act for the long run benefit of any grassroots movement10 and specifically the one putting obama in the office11.

Here are some questions, leading us and hopefully you to the above conclusion:

  • Do you remember this one? "Let me be very clear. You are the ones who built this campaign, and Barack wants you to be the first to know who will join him in leading our movement for change."
  • The obama movement, is it still a movement for a change going from bottom-up? Is this still a grassroots movement/operation12 ? Does changes still can only go from bottom up? And still do we need to bring the change?
  • As an activist, how can you know that in your mailing list the strategy of information processing and knowledge ordering is a Bottom-up or a Top-down and how can you make sure that it will continue be so?
  • How to (re)stimulate your activists?

Having us supporting the obama's health insurance reform plan, still we argue that The Organizing_for_America (OFA) is a case to study for being the switching point from a real grassroots movement bringing the change from bottom up to a top-down distribution of ordering13, which is weakening the movement all togther: The OFA is such switching point since the mailing list of 13M members together with the domain name ( had been handed to the DNC without any permission (i.e. Just because the owners of the list are not its members and only upon one time announcement of obama the person) and since the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is the only one body governing the United States Democratic Party on a day to day basis and as such the DNC is by no means identical to the the body of the members in the mailing list.

This act of handing the mailing list +domain to the DNC was claimed for seeking "to mobilize Obama supporters to elect other political candidates and support President Obama's legislative agenda".

Such agenda are pushing Obama's health insurance reform plan14 but not (in addition to or instead of the endless bailouts) making GovComCom out of the bank of America (with 45 billion) and of the Aig (with 182,5 billion).

Last this: Still remembering the reaction in the mailing list for one additional mail calling for supporting obama, still remembering the flow of some levels of the Re:Re:Re…, still remembering the new ideas , the new information, the new todos and so much of the warm and intelligent support, still remembering all that but nowadays nothing of that is to be found. Oh Mithch here we think we know why:

And so Mitch: It is never to late to transfer ownership to your activists, so that you could still see more of their actions and in a (building) manner of grassroots movement.15

December: Only 35 percent of Americans approve of the job President Obama has done with regard to Afghanistan, as the Gallup approval ratings represent an absolute plummet from 56 percent approval on the matter in July. .. and now.. from that defining moment, when he, the change, was named!


(when someone told you it is because 9/11, send the one to school again to learn what is free-fall speed)


We under stress, but intelligence and "One Love" is how we progress Yesssss!
A know one a we, a know two a we ### A know three a we, inna dis ya family AYY! ###

Touch one a we, then you haffi touch the whole a we ### Inna dis ya family AYY! ### Cause We don't make, we don't make war ### If you deal with war, backwards stay far ### If you deal with truth and rights come some more into my sight ### Whether you're black or whether you're white ### See all I'm tryna do is get on with my life ### The children are the future, so give them a try… ### Whoooooaaaa-aaa!! ###

When you want NO-WAR, it's really never matter who do you vote for.

obama say no war voted for no war but is making wars, so why his 13M activists of 2008 could not stop him from keep doing just that?

Obama is the good one, yes he is, but that changes nothing.

Starting here, let's NOW build our comcomized mailing lists for get be organized in our comcom social networking, so that we could go to back building our ComCom-Communities, while demanding implementation of the GovComCom solution for having back our rights in form of our shares in the big-cooperations supported by our governments

The Goldman Sachs!!! Here you can learn how they made their money upon your account. These Sucking gold men, the men of the Goldman Sachs, those very ones who burn Europe by having the European Union officials for so very long having known that Greece used derivatives to conceal its growing budget deficit. Why yet that Goldman Sachs is not GovComComised and if this time the blame is not on Goldman sachs but instead on the European Union officials or structure, then why yet the union is not comcomized as another just part in the constitution of its citizens?


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