Comcom For Inventors And Researchers Or An Open Letter To Ralf Westphal
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Here is a personal sad story about the pile technology leading its inventor (e aka Erez Elul) to the comcomism as the only mean allowing inventors together with developers to be protected from been taken over :

e established partnership with an investor (p) to hold a company of which e has 90% and p has 10%, but p registered that company (with 100%) on his name only. This wrong doing was discovered to e only after 7 years. In all those 7 years, both partners agree about 2 guidelines: Never selling exclusive license and never selling to agent of any (institute of any) state.

The system invented by e integrate trees into their nodes/objects and doing so while breaking the hierarchies embeded in the trees. Top technicians in Microsoft, Google, Cisco, HP and others were interested to know more about this technology, since it could take any 2 objects it previously defined and then, by defining another such specific object as their specific relation, relate them in each of both possible orders. This system allows recursion, at any scale, of relation of relation relation, so that all and any of which is always found in its specific order simply by the position of such specific object in that system.

e, as many other who understood this technology, believe that this system is better way to make order, better than the one establishing order in hierarchy/table and for e, to find, to prove and to deliver such better way/system was the task of his life or the task which he took on himself. And so, while believing that developers are the ones shaping the mind of the users using the product they developed, e feared corruption penetrating states' institutes (fearing the possible misusing of the power this technology allow to have) and rejected any exclusivity only for to allow more developers to understand this technology.

p established many paths for negotiation also with microsoft and although microsoft never make any deal which do not deliver to it full exclusivity.

And so, we also had one person (which was reported by p to have some 10% in microsoft !?) saying that: Non formally, he estimate that microsof would pay 200 million dollar for exclusivity for this technology. p came to e and reported on that case adding that he refused (because of the exclusivity issue) and e smiled and said that it is good (that p refused microsoft).

this tech was realesed under gpl to the comuunity but only as e was hangery and homeless.

Lately, 9-10 years after founding that company, e returned to the city and p has died one month later knowing that e came to initiate comcomism in that and from that specific city.

And now with deep sorrow and after long long crying, e is continuing both project pile tech and comcomism, and doing it only for this one reason: to deliver better structuring in any scale, structuring functioning better then the one of known as hierarchy.

here you can find links we keep of those who try to use this tech with different names and after having personal training by e, we believe that who use those would find it wrong just because their dignity, but of-course we could not trust such behaviour, since

we do not know who of you could refuse an offer of 200 million dollar.

see also
The intervention as one of "Patents" on google and free too|en&hl=en&safe=off&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&prev=%2Flanguage_tools

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