Comcomism Graduating Comcomists

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The on-ground graduations:

initiators are those who graduate comcomists see also this and in combination with these calenders etc
level of the graduation graduating for minimum requirements for the graduation minimum costs of the graduation
A Get know it 1 room for 2 hours graduation of level A for 6 up to 10 attendees no more than the cheapest cost for trip of all attendees between the room and the nearest hot spot (aka Dovecote-Comcomism), which is defined by the Area in the located bodies
B Get understand it . .
C Get use it . .
D Get it trained: practice/training/certification for being initiators . .

An introduction1:
What ComComism means?
As equal and free owners we act better!!!
(Where Capitalism means "every man for himself" and Communism means "the
collective provides all for any", there Comcomism means "equal and free
owners act better"!!!)
This link is for activists trying to become grassroots movement. It
takes the e.g. of the obama campaign as a grassroots movement, which is
the way the campaign was practiced.
It offers the option of comcomized mailing list (instead of one trusted
Representative being the owner that list) as an option ensuring that non
of us could ever take over the power over the collective of us (as is
proven to be the case with obama).
It also argue that movement is built from many successful projects, of
which only one step is such as electing obama. The problem appears when we already
succeed and when want to keep the success with many of us who care for
similar issues.
comcom-comunity: this is about keeping us being equal as in community
while letting us be owners of lands, as we are all equal individuals. It
seems very relevant nowadays, since prices of land are down and many are
looking for alternative froms of living such as in the nature etc. it
adds the alternative of comcomized ownership .

all the best
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