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This Celebration of Decentralization1:

workshop-request and your comments

We spread comcomism on the ground and online and in parallel2 for creating our "help" and for you or your friends, when yet do not know, understand or use any comcomized unit.

This is the center for decentralizing the practical activities related to comcomism, while focusing on the practices of learning and of change of opinions. For this we provide

About the workshops

The workshops and Trainings for comcomism are based upon the personal agreement and are organized, directly or by organizers, between attendees and initiators, who graduate attendees to be comcomists. This we do either here directly or indirectly by organizers organizing the workshops or through located-bodies (being themselves comcom).


low cost workshops/Assemblies

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Participating as:
The initiators are those who are able to clarify to/with attendees, and/or to train the attendees on, how to structure/organize ourselves in several comcom. The organizers organize such events, when are not directly made, Certificate-maker is one who is able to assign certification of role in such events and room provider is one able to provide a room for a specific time where the room is a place in which a session of workshops can take place.
Type of presence:
in On-ground is located in the real world and online is done via the Internet, email and also via comcom-social-1 instant-message, chat rooms, conferences and/or skype etc.
for levels and costs see These workshop are mostly given in return for some payment
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event (url)
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dates of event
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selcet New hot-spot for creating new hot-spot ,or pickup and existing hot-spot from the table below and hence a room from its link .

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