Invest As A Peer Owner Instead Of Donate

Want to invest in the ComComism as a whole, while comcomizing your organization? try this.

  • You can (ask the others to) invest as c-holder instead of (to) donate (even with variety of amount of payment, or of payment methods),
    • where several owner/shareholders in one organization are comcom of which d=1, all of which are to be invested by their c-holders instead of being donated to one-final-organization (e.g. company.comcom or any other unit), where
      • the investment for each of which is to be invested in different amount (i.e. different comcom per each amount, say v += 5$ $10 $20 etc),
    • and so that the portion/voice held by each comcom in the final-organization is proportional to its specific investment (c*v) of that specific comcom in the organization.

Hence Per each cause the ComCom of the cause can be structured such that:

  1. the d of the ComCom of the cause separates between the power of the activists versus the power of the contributers and is unchangeable regardless any amount of contribution;
  2. the c-holder of the ComCom of the cause
    1. are the activists of the cause who are realizing the cause and
  3. the p-holders of the ComCom of the cause
    1. are ComCom of which d=1 and of which c-holders are the contributers for the cause who are the investors instead of being donating for cause,
      1. where the contribution can also be in small amounts and/or regularly etc as in comcom-community.

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