The Flyers We Are Using To Spread The Comcomism In The Street

these are the flyers we are using to spread the ComComism in the street:

right click on the images below and use "save as", if you want to bring the people of your kind to the movement of comcomsism to be ones of the first 5500 comcomists initiating both comcom: the IsWith and IsWith-fruits by becoming c-holders in them.

The introduction for ComComism

(you can use it as a guide line for how to call others to join us)

The cut of 16 pieces on each A4


Blue on Red , (this is more expansive to make, since it is not one color).


Black on Red , this is the look when one color black is printed on red paper, 0.004 euro per a piece.


Black on white, this is what you actually give to print on red paper, 0.004 euro per a piece.


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