Are wars the product made for real estate issues by bankers togather with the media such as of murdoch?

A measure of/for respect is to tell !!!

When a customer of a unit is also its owner, as a shareholder, p-holder or c-holder, would then the one be treated with more respect such that the one could well identify the telling out of the selling? This question is tightly related to the miss-information given to the public at least in the last ten years considering at least these four issues:
1) Hiding the global warming as a man kind product and as the man kind get be more addicted to consumption;
2) Hiding the ??peak of oil?? while using building and marketing machines exhausting energy;
3) Hiding the free fall sped of the collapse of the three, and not only the two, New-York buildings being attacked in 9/111 and since then using fear generated from an imaginary "culture clash" for controling and generating levels of confusion;
4) Using the measure of strength for economy as being grater as grater is the consumption while pushing to believe that the house holding (somewhere) can only get be more expensive and while pushing for letting have more credit.

Another question: Is the result of mapping a set of different relations relating elements such that every element of one set is related only with a unique element of another set, is telling giving information which is useful for making a new or a renewed set resulted from mapping and is selling establishing (an authorizing) position of seller versus buyer, for attaching some telling to any exchange of values or valuable things? If so, could problem in selling (resulted in unauthorized actions) be when hiding the selling as being only telling i.e. when causing the buyer identifying the selling only as telling?

e.g.: When using the hiding of the fact of the association to any of the positions related to the exchanges (of valuable things ) and doing so for getting confusion: resulting in wrong or no (as in resting) estimation of resources ???(west, exhausting etc), as price is to be measured also in time given without proper return filing emotion thinking stress etc and as such confusion occurs many times while remaking the same mapping over and over again???.

My last question for now, are wars the product of bankers?
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